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The Missing Link in



Take a 1-day class to improve your communication and success

in every relationship:  Business, Personal, and Family.


Learn the skills to use that crucial first 3-15 seconds that make or break the first impression. Know from the first glance the likes, dislikes, and style of others.

Improve every relationship!



Researching the internet tells you what has happened on the outside,

using this technique tells you what is happening on the inside.



Learn to use 11 facial features (Structure/Function) to interpret style and personality.

Improve initial contact, rapport, and presentation of ideas.

Understand how others perceive, think and process.

Be heard and understood.


What is Structure/Function?

It’s the study of how physical structure (cell proportion) translates into human function (behavior).

 This offshoot of Behavioral Genetics synthesizes research in anatomy, physiology and neurology

 and applies that information to daily life situations.


When:                        to be announced      9am-5pm

Where:           The Gayton Kirk 11423 Gayton Rd Henrico, VA 23238 (across from Steward School)

Cost:              $125 pre-registered  $150 otherwise (book included)

To register:  Online at   or call (804) 740-4587



Ross Riddell, Author of “The Missing Link in Communication”.  Ross has been training and working with people from all walks of life in techniques for Stress Management, and Structure Function, since 1988.  He has taught in The U.S., Europe, Japan, Australia, and South America. He makes learning fun and easy!